When your washing machine goes out, it is just an inconvenience, laundry piles up and it frustrating. You
need a reliable contractor you can count on to get there fast and fix it right. So here we are!! We can
repair any washing machine make and model. Our repair technicians are trained to work on any brand
of washing machine. Trust experts from our company to take care of your appliance. Having your
washing machine repaired can be a lot cheaper than buying a new one. Regardless of where you
purchased your washer or dryer, our repair experts are available 7 days a week to visit your home to fix

your appliance. On the day of the repair, we will ring 30 minutes before to let you know we’re on our
way. Each and every machine is unique and therefore the number of different faults are almost endless.
However, as a company which carries out hundreds of repairs each week we know which faults occurs
more often than others. Doesn’t matter what washing machine you have they can all develop faults.
– Regularly check to see if the filters are clean. Usually they can be found on the bottom of the
– If your washing machine isn’t filling with water the issue could be with the hoses, filters, or even the
pressure chamber. This is something which would require troubleshooting by a plumber.
– Check to see if there’s an unbalanced load inside the appliance and if it’s level on the surface.
-We have a guide on the common issues for when a washing machine won’t start but there are
numerous faults which could cause this from no power going through to the machine to a faulty sensor.
Our washing machine repairs come with a guarantee from the date we fix it, which covers you for the
fault we repair. We provide professional and qualified technicians for your washing machine repair
service. You don’t have to worry about amateur technicians giving you the wrong advice, saving you
both time and money.

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